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My guess is that the guys who

My guess is that the guys who are at the top of the pyrmid understand biblical scripture and "prophecy." They also understand the effects these things have on people. If you believe fate is set, you're more likley to be an apathetic observer than an enraged participant.

I think they understand that if they can mimic scripture as they put their plans into action, it will go a long way to removing what would otherwise be among their most dangerous group of resistance. The Christians.

Because of the weird occultist stuff many these guys seem to be into, a Christian would be a natural enemy of the elites. However if your average Christian believes this is all predetermined by fate, and that Jesus is going to come riding down with an army of angels to smite the evil bankers, then clearly here is a group of people who are going to be too busy watching the clouds for signs of the rapture, than arming themselves to fight off a very "real" and very "terrestrial" threat.

The elites are brilliant in many ways, pyschology perhaps is their greatest strength. They know how people think. They know how to control them with their beliefs.

Remember one thing if you want to safeguard against any of this crap: God helps those who help themselves.