Comment: People are nuts

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People are nuts

The Web site is not only named but it is sells stuff with Ron Paul's name on it.

If some one opened a domain named Toys R Us and then used made money of selling Toys R Us stuff, then Toys R Us would have a legitimate right to website. It is their brand, their stuff, their name that is being sold.
The Website creates nothing new, it only sells what has been marketed by Ron Paul.

If the owner of the website was named Ron Paul, or used The name Ron Paul in a way that was not 100% dependent up on the Ron Paul the Congressman there might be a legitimate right to the name.

I hope Ron Paul sues the hell out of the owners and gets all the money they made off of his trademark. Then gets an injunction against them posting anything about him
Then they will go broke, and RP can buy the website for pennies on the dollar.