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Comment: So, do I have this right?

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So, do I have this right?

Obama has been running a secret war in North Africa, without Congress, CIA, or much of anyone knowing about it. He lied when he said there were no boots on the ground in Libya.

The guy running the secret war out of the White House for Obama is John Brennan, who is now getting rewarded with an appointment to CIA Director, to replace Petraeus, who was outed by blackmail, because (supposedly) the CIA insiders didn't like how Petraeus was running the CIA. But, speculating here, it sounds more likely that Petraeus found out about the secret war ("he was furious") and that is why they took him down.

The secret war is the reason for the attack on the consulate/CIA safe house in Benghazi (it was blowback, as Ron Paul always talks about), but Obama and Hillary lied by claiming it was a YouTube video.

This should be the end of Hillary's career, at the very least, as she had to be an accessory after the fact, if not a co-conspirator during. The guys who blackmailed Petreaus need to see some prison time for blackmail and probably more.

Brennan should be heading to prison, not the CIA office. And Barry should be thrown out and put up on charges.

"SHOULD" doesn't happen too often in corrupt governments, though.