Comment: Ignorance, Propaganda, The

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Ignorance, Propaganda, The

Ignorance, Propaganda, The Media, Federal control over education, Liberals (both democrat and republican), Not only the fact power is being concentrated and shifted to the Federal Government but the fact the population has been so brainwashed to actually be calling for this too happen, Ruling by Emotion rather than logic, Failing to remember "those who forget the past are doomed to repeat it", The fact people find reality so disturbing they don't want to hear about it rather than stand up an do something to change it, Lack of accountability for anyone in positions of power (HSBC, Police, Government), Reintroduction of failed policies, The belief that if legislation failed to fix a problem that the solution is obviously more legislation on a grander scale, The belief someone knows how to manage your life better than you do, When someone who believes in state sovereignty and the constitution is view as an Enemy of the state aka terrorist.