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Comment: A few thoughts

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A few thoughts

Many people say "Only have the children you can afford" and I have one nephew who cost his cement truck driving dad and print shop working mother over a million dollars before he was 6 months old.
What law would have made any of this any better? If you outlaw abortion, you may as well do away with prenatal testing. It is for severe deformity that the service is offered.
If the deformity were severe enough to endanger the mother, how would you feel about it?
Every pregnancy risks the life of the mother. Sometimes we forget that.
Mother and baby could have died in childbirth. That happened to a man I went to church with when I was a kid, left him to raise the other kids alone. It was incredibly sad.
I don't have the answer, that is why I say leave these decisions between the woman and her Creator. Whatever the ultimate truth is, she knows now, I still don't. I just know that prohibition of stuff makes them more profitable in a black market, it does not make them go away.
May the father find peace with his fate, he still does not know either.

Love or fear? Choose again with every breath.