Comment: I really don't believe the Giffords Tale

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I really don't believe the Giffords Tale

I do believe that the Giffords incident was yet another drill gone live. Investigation into that shows a Fox news report weeks earlier that told of a drill planned in that area which was canceled; canceled because word of it had leaked out and they had lost the element of surprise to make it look realistic. Although the drill was canceled, the city still received a substantial amount of money from the department of homeland security for hosting the drill.

Photos from the crime scene show no blood on either Giffords, the medics, or her assistant who purportedly "held her upright in his lap and used his hands to stop the bleeding".

On top of that, after the incident, the "news" solely used pictures of her with short hair and one eye half shut (a little too much effort to emphasize the story). Now if you will notice, her eye is fine, but she has a limp And that speech of hers....Sorry, ain't buying it....

It looks like the "news" has largely become a medium for reality television. It disgusts me to no end to see them using Giffords like is being done.