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Comment: Sadly it seems TPTB have painted themselves into a corner

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Sadly it seems TPTB have painted themselves into a corner

I say sadly because they will be extremely resistant in allowing the Liberty movement to succeed. A success in the Liberty movement will greatly erode their Power which they must feel compelled to keep in order to reduce the risk of losing everything.

Problem is that Paul's recent Bible Quote fits the Bankers as well. They have lived by the Sword and every other manner of violence for centuries, and know full well what it means to lose the Power that keeps them safe from looting or harm.

Imagine for a moment that you are a Rothschild or Rockerfeller and the Power structures that your family has built are about to be torn down. All the shady deals that your family has participated in, all the violence used to make that extra buck are about to be exposed and a bunch of Do Gooder Libertarians are about to assume Political Power.

They run the risk of losing EVERYTHING, most importantly their safety. Prison time, fines, levies, revenge must be a consideration, they aren't completely stupid.

So imagine for a moment that you inherited this power and legacy and it was about to be taken away. What would you do? Allow that power to go quietly, or fight for it like your life depended upon it?

Get ready for the STHTF because they ain't going quietly and they know once their power and control begin to slip, the likelihood of escaping without internment or great loss of wealth is gone.