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Comment: Right In My Own Freaking Backyard...

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Right In My Own Freaking Backyard...

We have an FBI office downtown. San Jose use to be a good little city about 40 -50 years ago. Just a little cowtown full of hard working native californians..

What a shame..and our liberal mayor Chuck Reed, an attorney has been a complete failure.

The prior Mayor, Mayor Gonzales, finished his term in disgrace for taking money to do favors for big shots. We had a Gand Jury trail and he got off on some GD ridiculous technicality..

The good and decent San Police officers are leaving in droves because Mayor Chuck Reed cut their pay by at least 10%. They can't get the new recruits in fast enough to replace the ones that left.

Additionally, many detectives are pulling routine patrol duties because there is such a big shortage. As a result, alot of necessary detective and investigative work is not getting done and criminal cases ae not being investigated..