Comment: Lack of Faith

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Lack of Faith

Man is conscious of his own mortality. Hence insecurity. From insecurity we seek to secure things. Man generally seeks to attain a sense of well being through form. One prominent form is the employ of government, and the judiciary. In so doing, man seeks to regulate what is fair and what is just in their own eyes. As such, there is an underlying unwillingness to surrender to what is, and have faith and understanding that in reality, what is fair / appropriate rest with God / Universe. Rights are mentally contrived (only exist in our head). We are all privy to say that we have the right to XYZ. But these rights are only as good as our ability to "defend them" (which we do with force / leverage). Truly we fail to come from that space of love, for love does not employ force or leverage. Truly it is out fear of death, and our lack of faith in God that is the root of our political strife. This "battle" will not be won because we are righteous, are smarter, have higher morals, or because we have more guns. The drive within to seek well being (which is not found in tyranny), lasting peace and fulfillment cannot be stopped by any government or any army. If a people must go through another cycle of tyranny, I can only imagine it is to be a lesson, a point of reflection, a creating of a contrast, which facilitates clarity. When we start to see in ourselves the preoccupation with rights, laws and injustices, and come to realize that truly the "battle" is won with love, and not with animosity / guns / higher intellect / self righteousness / higher moral standards, or the like, then we will see a break in the cycle...
Know this... the lessons are for each one of us. I would be surprised if the vast majority of you on this sight has not gone through major growth in recent years... To which I say: Journey on, brother. Enjoy the ride. Accept what is, and, if so inspired, hold an idea of how things can be.