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Comment: You Need to READ the Complaint

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You Need to READ the Complaint

If you read the actual complaint, Ron Paul, or Douglas Cuthbertson, the lawyer acting on his behalf, DOES make the claim that the owners of the domain have "NO RIGHT" to the domain, have NOT used it for any "bona fide goods and services", and alleges that the only reason they created the site was so they could make money by selling it back to Ron Paul. He also says the "remedy" is to "TRANSFER" the domain from them to him. He IS trying to take their domain rather than negotiate to purchase it or simply request for mediation. READ IT.

They spent more than 5 years using the site to campaign FOR Ron Paul. Was that not a "bona fide service"? This is a nice thank-you for 5 years of hard work and support. Are we sure Jesse Benton isn't still running the show?

This makes no sense. This would not be right if Barack Obama was doing it. It's not right for Ron Paul to do it.

Why couldn't this site be next?