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Comment: i dont think its intentional deception

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i dont think its intentional deception

I can see the case for teaching math the way we do. The rules, symbols, and conventions are necessary because there is an existing language through which mathematical ideas are expressed. Same with grammar.

With science and history there is too much emphasis on "facts" and not enough qualification for statements. Part of this has to do with multiple choice and standardized testing.

For example, how many planets are in our solar system?

Ten years ago a first grader regurgitates 9 and is correct. Somewhere along the way pluto was stripped of its planet status so now the correct answer is 8 on the exam.

The truly correct answer would be along the lines of to this day we have discovered 9 objects orbiting the sun that are large enough to be rounded by their own gravity, but not large enough to sustain a fusion reaction of their own...

Of course, this answer doesn't neatly fit into the black-and-white, A-B-or-C format. Of course, teaching in these terms is a disservice to critical thinking and makes the masses easier to manipulate.

Coincidentally, this plays into the left vs right mentality that is skull fucking our country