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nor do I

I swallowed the whole thing, hook, line and sinker until reading about Denver and Sandy Hook. In reading about the ruse in Sandy Hook hit on the parts of the story of Gifford conflicting with reality in the shootings at the mall. The determining factor for me was her surgeon when asked months ago before she could talk or even stand up, if she would be able to function completely in the future answered, " From her x-rays, she's fine, there's no reason she isn't now". [ ! ] WTH? According to other surgeons, there is no trauma to the head she was said to have had, that would not have swelling to the degree that her time line of follow up medical treatment would be completely impossible. It would have been 6 months later before anything could be done. Along with what DuaneK36 said about the crime scene, I saw the ambulance was 25' away just sitting there, no one was in any hurry to get her there even though she was already on a gurney, just sitting there. There was not a drop of blood anywhere in the close up, none on her, the attendant who by the way wasn't even wearing gloves????,looked like a drill, all calm and moving slowly as if she had a case of the hiccups in severity. Angry for being duped...again, starting hunting for the facts and really watching her and listening as she was paraded through congress and TV. I'm afraid they got me again. I'm no longer going to get emotionally involved in anything that's on TV until I know it's for real. It's an emotional teeter-totter. A brain injury doesn't make you talk like a 5 yr. old. Words wouldn't come out right if severely brain damaged. To come out correctly but sounding as if she has the intelligence of a 5 year old doesn't happen unless that was the extent of her mental capabilities before the shot. Another bad actor? Also read, for what it's worth, she came from nowhere, not heard of, yet had the $ backing her. She did mostly the opposite of what she ran on for the short time she was in office. Talk was there was no way she would be re-elected. Take it from here and look into it yourself or buy the story we were told. I know I'm done crying for children that aren't dead and politicians reduced to the mentality of a 5 year olds [?] Let them make up their stories and hire all the actors they want, I'm not going to shed a tear. Get angry, yes...Cry? No.