Comment: ya he's a villain for making money by selling books now

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ya he's a villain for making money by selling books now

he's guilty of not giving you a share i suppose? and why ban my old account, i was having a good time flaming you ron paul haters. what i used to bash over the back side of your heads was my donation count, it wasn't anything scary, c'mon. well, the upside is when the nazis come the banned accounts will be reviewed last

i promise you if i ever get to the inside of the campaigns next time i will urge them to give you a seat at the table first thing. men's jealousy is a scary thing

court protects your property freedom to ban unwanted guests (like me), but ron paul can't even bring his case to the court. a portion of your ads or merchandise or whatever might be related to paul so you feel threatened. difference being you built this site from scratch, they didn't while asking for 250k and selling everything under the sunlight under paul's name. the least paul can do is to take his name off the merchandise of that site and with his portraits.

he owns his name and image and has every right to do so. i doubt he is suing to directly take over the domain. he is most likely just saying "don't put my name on products" and the site owner can still do whatever he wants with the domain. no helping me, no helping you, that kind of thing, happens in reality all the time.