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Comment: I don't know how old you folks are

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I don't know how old you folks are

but on 4 March 1991 I was activated from San Diego to Lost Angel-Less in support of the Rodney King riots.

That man may have been a scumbag from the beginning, but it was unacceptable that the Corporate Officers for Policy enforcement (a.k.a. COPs) or POLICy Enforcers (a.k.a. Police) kicked the living crap out of King.

Because of thier THUGGARY and INCOMPETENCE as basic humans, I spent an eternity in the GD hot freeking SANTA ANNA Desert WINDS. I was a Supply Sgt placed in charge of a partol section. By the time the first patrol ended, I had no finger nails on my left hand and my right had was perfectly manicured. Why? My basic issue weapon was a 45cal Pistol, while my section had the M16A2. My right hand never left the pistol grip of the Colt that was in my shoulder holster.

I also interacted with some of those A-hole officers during that time. They were gunning for more and I was trying to stop both sides and protect the Koreans on Crenshaw Blvd.

I can only agree with these testimonies at face value. Naturally, I do NOT condone the extreme actions that one may take, but I can understand the culmination leading up to any terrible events one might do.