Comment: Hemp for farmers!

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Hemp for farmers!

Good for Rand. Get the poor farmers off the Gov roles. I read that years ago before outlawed, even small farmers grew hemp, not to smoke but for use as cotton is today. Not only clothing but other things were made from it. So many that it was one of the largest cash crops the farmers had for income. Easy to grow, easy to harvest and you saved the seeds. Better keep this quiet or Monsanto will jump on it. I bought a blouse because it was made of hemp after reading about it. Wanted to see how it washed and how long it held color and lasted. [figured if it wore out quickly I'd just smoke it. ......just kidding.]
Don't know if it was the smoking type of hemp but it was outlawed regardless. Lot's of farmers went belly up and it wasn't from laughing after smoking the stuff. Huge financial blow. It's cheaper to grow then cotton, is stronger and clothing posess all the positive qualities of cotton. My blouse still looks great after 3 years!