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Comment: The trouble is, Rand is getting good MSM

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The trouble is, Rand is getting good MSM

From all the NON NEO-CON sources. HuffPO, Politico, Christian Science Monitor, select MSNBC and Fox news sources.

But not Bill Kristol, Elliot Abrams, Anne Coulter, Charles Krauthammer, and the usual pack of Neo-Con scumbags.

I think Rand has put himself in the position of being nearly untouchable with smart political moves. He has positioned himself to be the Republican choice outside of the Neo-Cons/Karl Rove crowd.

Any Republican pissed off with the party would definitely vote for Rand. That's not a bad starting point.

I think at this point if the Neo-Cons attacked Rand Paul, full scale civil war would break out in the Republican Party. The Neo-Cons are already dangerously exposed with their attacks on Chuck Hagel.