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Comment: If you live in California...

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If you live in California...

you may want to consider relocation...Immmediately. If you cannot leave, I reccomend the following.

If you must drive, then I suggest that you stencil "I'M NOT CHRISTOPHER DORNER" "DON'T SHOOT" all over your vehicle.

If you must walk, run or jog, I suggest you wear anti-thermal clothing,(they make that you know). This will keep drones from locking on to you.

If you must use a communication device, enclose it in a Faraday Cage,(they make these too, even designer ones). This will keep you from being tracked by GPS.

Of course, if you see the LAPD. Take cover immediately, if there is no cover, 'drop and roll' then run like hell.

Remember to stay calm, despite that fact that you are surrounded by psychopathic killers and a crazed former cop seeking revenge, in a state where a Senator named Feindsteen wants to disarm everyone in the country.

Hope this helps. GoodLuck GodSpeed.