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Comment: Here's a good question....

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Here's a good question....

Here's a good question.... will this be the final straw that starts the race war both sides have been hoping for that will ultimately end up being a huge win for whites and hispanics?

If blacks are so eager to put praise on this guy I must think that whatever happens will end up being a huge ordeal. Are the blacks ready to start aiming their weapons rather than turning them to the side to look "cool"?

Actually, I welcome it and I live in New Orleans... 60% Black. I don't really care because I know most of them are idiots who have no practice with firearms whatsoever, while I myself am well trained and stockpiled. I doubt it would happen here though because the area I live in New Orleans is a pretty cool. Except for a few areas, blacks and whites get along quite well. But whatever, I'm still ready, and I can see this turning into the inevitable race war that we have all known was coming all along.