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Now that was awesome

As I said, I don't listen consistently so I didn't even know about that song. I was moved by the shots of the mountains especially the one with the RV driving towards them, that and the clouds wrapping around them in later shots. I love rainy weather where the clouds hang low, something about them hovering so close like that makes me feel connected with the earth. I want to feel that again. I'm gonna go nuts if I don't get out of this city soon lol.

BY the way.. I really liked the poem.. I failed to mention that because I rushed over to youtube to get a video of a show i used to watched. Many a night after watching this, I spent hours writing because I was inspired by what I heard.

I thought you might like this if you liked the other.

Knock Knock

Anyway, here's another one of theirs.. one of their first big ones and a favorite.


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