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People do that.

That's why I encourage people to own their own domains. I wouldn't have a problem with somebody going to WIPO. But as a public figure, Dr. Paul should have owned his domain name. Or should have made an issue of it sooner.

The point here is this: Ron Paul champions liberty, free markets and non-intervention. He's sold us hook, line and sinker and many of us invested years of time; personal credibility with friends, coworkers, spouses, family; money; energy promoting him, his candidacy, his books and his message. The opportunity cost is massive and can never be repaid. And nobody's asking to be repaid. But to turn around and claim that we're vultures is more than I can stand. There's a lot I haven't said about Ron Paul. And I won't. But this is the line.

I don't see how he turns on us suddenly and claims supporters are using his likeness to profit off of him. That's ridiculous. When he's a politician, it's okay because he needs free labor to get votes. But now he's a businessman profiting from his trademark and it's not okay because they're encroaching on his revenues.

It's hypocritical.