Comment: Good luck on that surgery...and can you believe

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Good luck on that surgery...and can you believe

there are people who would down vote our exchange??

I realize there are LOTS of people with axes to grind with me....

But come on...for someone to down vote a well wish for a friend who is going into surgery....well...that takes a real SICK crazy-ass loony-tune sociopath for sure.

The First Amendment protects crazy individuals too, I guess...but I will take some ashes on my forehead for them, too, because they obviously need it.

God Bless you in your Lenten fast and I wish you a speedy recovery from the surgery (if you get it).

As I careful...and wary. There are many people in the medical business that are just looking at $$$ and have forgotten their Hippocratic Oath.

Be wise....and be well. :-)

Norfolk, VA

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