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Cherry picking

The techdirt article does a little cherry picking.
As I read the formal complaint it says the first offer was for 880,000 dollars for the domain name only, clearly a violation.
It further lays the legal groundwork for the trademark infringement. Not a slam dunk but clearly a just complaint.
Then the site and its owner are claiming they are not engaged in commercial activity.....renting, selling and advertising is commercial where I am from.
They should have taken the 50,000 dollars to cover the cost of transfer to a new name or hired a better trademark lawyer.

Here is copy from the complaint techdirt failed to mention in their biased piece.

Here, Respondents offered to sell to Complainant for $848,000. In
response to an e-mail from Complainant's representative, Chris Younce, inquiring if
Respondent would sell George R. responded,
"Yes, it's currently for sale at $848,000. This is for the domain name only and does not
include the website or other content. We could use or for an
immediate transaction." See Affidavit of Chris Younce, attached hereto as Annex 6.
Respondents later offered to sell to Complainant for $250,000 and to
provide <> as a "free gift" with the purchase of See Affidavit
of Ron Paul, attached as Annex The demanded sale price is exorbitant and must exceed
Respondent's out-of~pocket registration costs.