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Comment: would you prefer models not improve given better data?

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would you prefer models not improve given better data?

this isn't a refutation. Science doesn't claim its models are infallible from conception. Please read the relativity of wrong, or listen to someone on youtube summarize it for you.

No other model has 1 trillionth the explanatory power of evolution. Conversely, criticisms of Hovind.

The article your audio references is here, which brings up a proto-mammal found near the origin of the mammal branch of the tree of life. They later reference how the "previous evolutionary tree was incorrect", as if it's another "gotchya!". Do you know how many organisms there are? How many there were? Is your hesitation with evolution that it hasn't infallibly placed every insect, bacterium, protozoa, fungus, bird, grizzly, dimetridon, chicken, and turtle in the tree of life? Would you accept it even if one could?

Better data improves models. I'm sorry you misinterpret this as reason to discredit one's ability to come to conclusions based on observations.

Y'know, what if a religious message, like "speak in defense for those who cannot speak for themselves" didn't always refer to people? What if, in this age, new, revelatory truths that will advance civilization to new levels are harder to find, and seemingly "can't speak for themselves"? Are there certain ideas that, for people our shape and size, seem ludicrous on their face and indefensible, but in fact are nonetheless true and govern a majority of what is seen? That "turn the other cheek" and keep on working even if we decry them?

It may plainly be "easier" to not understand something, but the long term cost is a loss of understanding that would minimize future suffering. For example, evolution explains much about medicine and nutrition. Insisting it is false will serve only to turn potentially bright minds away from a better future for all of us, which for all metaphorical purposes, is a realistic meaning for heaven.

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