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Comment: Bump for honesty

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Bump for honesty

I find that if I pray for guidance from my higher power, then the next indicated step becomes evident. If I am doing something that I am supposed to be doing, then it feels right. If not, then I can usually tell.

Moderation is important. In fact lately, I probably need to moderate how much time I am spending here on the DP. What I like about the DP is that it gives me an outlet to dig deeper than the surface while concurrently feeling a sense of community of those who view the world as I do. I am grateful for the DP.

We are defined by our habits. If you watch TV 90% of your free time and get outside 10%, you are probably thought of as a couch potato. Conversely, if you get home from being physically active and turn on the tube to wind down, you'd be defined as motivated. I'd prefer to be defined by healthy and positive habits, but we all have our guilty pleasures.

Lately I've been trying to bear in mind that this is a rEVOLution. I am trying to love those who are willfully ignorant. It is not easy, but there is freedom in detaching from a conflict. Besides, nobody is going to listen to someone who is deriding them or beating them down, even if it's with sound facts and logic. We have to love them until they wake up.

Thanks for the post. It gave me an opportunity to look at myself.

The founders would be ashamed at us for what we are putting up with.