Comment: "Everything They Taught You In School Was A Lie"

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"Everything They Taught You In School Was A Lie"

Its just a given that, its a general statement made to entice some that, 'things are not right'. That the educational system has failed, in the general sense of 'political reality', and subsequently that that learning which you received, should be questioned.

In simple words, just a general thought man. A rallying call, if you will.

Livin' in the twilight zone.. beep beep

Simplicity is good, over-simplicity, not.

Where did the interpretation get lost?
edit: You have no argument.. if you are attempting to discredit those wanting to know. Or, think that those wanting to know are of an inferior intelligence than say, 'the others'? And, I don't seek credibility, but if it happens, it happens.