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The discount card could easily have popped up in a

...traditional brainstorming process. But it would have just been one of many ideas with no context other than a vague connection to marketing a business.

But when it is arrived at through 4 opposites it has much more relevance to the intention behind the perceived problem. For some other business maybe it would be a horrible solution. This was a purely hypothetical example.

Another (which Brian used) is publishing a book. Hardcover books are expensive to produce and promote. So why not publish a paperback version first to build interest, then release the hardcover later when the book has developed a following? Opposite of that - don't make a hard copy first - sell online version first. Opposite of selling it? Give it away for free. With fiction you'd probably lose money or time doing this unless it's the next Harry Potter. But if it is information then a person might be cheaper off buying a copy instead of printing it out. A free ebook may end up turning out profitable with a reference book on, say, food storage or something. :)

9-11 was a panda job.