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I think the main reason

I think the main reason neocons are jumping all over Dr. Ben Carson is because he's the epitome of the anti-Obama: a guy who preaches self-reliance, hard work, and no excuses.

Notice how the liberal MSM isn't even mentioning his name because they don't want people to realize the fallacies of Obama's policies.

I'm not rubber-stamping Dr. Carson, but like Dr. Paul intrigued me in 2007, I am trying to do more research on the man. He's not a politician, so his stances on issues such as foreign policy, the Fed, etc., are virtually unknown.

But just because a man is being praised by neocons, it should not mean we place those traits on him. Neocons like Hannity don't even know his positions. They are only using him now to divide and conquer.