Comment: We were taught 'duck and cover' in grade school.

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We were taught 'duck and cover' in grade school.

Way back, when the dinosaurs roamed the land. Yeah, that's right, back in the early 1960's. At school our teachers taught us to duck under our desks and cover our heads with our hands and arms. This was to protect ourselves from the nuclear blast which was going to happen any second. Much like the imminent attack by terrorists of today, the evil communists of Russia and Cuba of the 1960's were going to attack us with nuclear bombs, and the only way we could save our selves was to climb under our desks upon our teachers command. This would save us.

Of course we were not brainwashed. Our teachers, parents and political leaders would not, nay, could not lie to us. It was unthinkable to even question these authority figures.

As someone that works at a University, the educational system has degenerated, like the other industries, into dictatorial administration. Football is much more important than academics, even at 'research' Universities.