Comment: I have finally caught up with all videos here

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I have finally caught up with all videos here

Hvactech-I understand you are worried about my well being with the music, but.... well... the reality is I don't discriminate against any music. I grew up in MI, I know a little about Mowtown, it's good stuff.

A-B--B-A I always excuse your tardiness because when you do show up you bring amazingness with you.

Wes-I will get you on the 4:20 shoutout one of these days, just not today because I will be in class. Your mashups never fail to make me smile.

Aphrodite- Have you disappeared? I miss your Pixies and Cohen additions because when you play Cohen I know you get it.

I got behind there for a minute. There is some good stuff going on here. If you can all get over the fact that she's kind of a hippie, Ani DiFranco has some things to say about 9/11.