Comment: Not the spidey senses!!!

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Not the spidey senses!!!

SPidey's spidey sense sucked. It aoways tingled right before he got his a$$ kicked...
But I agree. My comment from the "& fascinating facts" thread:

7 much more interesting questions about Dr. Carson
Submitted by fishyculture on Mon, 02/11/2013 - 10:21. Permalink

1. How does he feel about vaccinations?
2. How does he feel about alternative cancer treatment, and my right to access "alternatives" FIRST, if I so desire?
3. How does he feel about the right to home school?
4. Does he have any questions about 9-11?
5. What does he know and feel about the USS Liberty
6. What does he think of the SPLC and AIPAC?
7. What does the SPLC think of him?

A "made for TV" movie about him already? C'mon folks, we are being spoon fed. How did he get on that podium to begin with? When is Chuck Baldwin going to be invited to the prayer breakfast?

I spent a little time trying to answer some of my own questions. I cannot find where he has ever said a word about 9-11... OK, not everyone is on the front lines of that battle... But I cannot find a word about his thoughts on vaccines. He's a pediatric neurologist, seems like he would have spoken on that topic. This guy looks like he is "made for TV" in my opinion.

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