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To Velveeta Underground:

There was a request by someone for us to continue the discussion on the front page, and I wanted to respond to being opposed to corporatism.

Corporatism is a natural by product of corporations. The government based interference in the business model creates a moral hazard which causes corporations to act and behave in a manner inconsistent with good business. They are not subject to the "natural laws of the market" because they are allowed to exist without being effected by the natural risks involved in ordinary business.

It took me a while to drop my defense of corporations because I personally fell for the line of propaganda that teaches that we wouldn't have business without corporations, as well.

Business is a by product of people interacting with one another in a healthy way. Exchanging goods and services with one another so that both parties may benefit. That is business.

So long as goods and services are needed, business will exist, because it simply must. Some of our largest companies are cosmetics. So suppose for a minute, that the market were not artificially controlled by the government, and the corporations were unable to grow to the size that they are today, allowing complete domination by just a few companies of the market.

Smaller producers would pop up, and their business would only grow so far as they felt comfortable with the risk. I make cold process soap (hobby), but, if people needed soap, my hobby might become my business. There are many people who know how to make soap and other cosmetic goods. There would be far more, probably far smaller businesses, that behaved in a healthier way in the business world, if the corporate structure was not created by the government.

Hence, more businesses, and less corporate slaves.

And, I really do highly recommend this movie. It is not anti-business. It is anti-corporation.

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