Comment: I am going to try to explain his positions....

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I am going to try to explain his positions....

He is a Seventh Day Adventist, so if you are judging by his religious beliefs and convictions this would be the standard positions:
*War/foreign policy
Adventist are non-weapon carriers on the military, which means he is more on the peace side of things and not on the war mongering side.
He is definitely better than Rand Paul on this one. For Adventist Israel is just like any other country. For Rand Paul (according to his theological understanding) Israel plays an important role in "Final events" therefore he has to "defend it" (therefore his comments/visit, votes, etc). So things like aid would be much better (cease).
*Gold/Silver/Fed Reserve
He is a reader and it seems he is not brain washed by Fox yet hard to say about this one you will have to ask him. I would thing he would love to bring some transparency to the Fed.
*Personal liberties
One of the biggest part of the budget of Adventists is to defend freedom of conscience, where our liberties arise from therefore I would think it is quite positive.
I think you heard from him. Repeal current IRS rules substitute by some sort of "fair tax". No the ideal yet better than we currently have.
*Humanitarian aid.
He may be incline towards this.
*Health care
Repeal Obamacare substitute by the health savings account system
He maybe prone to "invest" on education, we will have to ask him on this one.

A good way to defend your freedoms: