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Comment: Contrary to most Americans beliefs we have had a

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Contrary to most Americans beliefs we have had a

'viscous' past here in the US.

The first settlers had slaves do most of their work. First meaning for the first few centuries. Originally, before Africans were captured for slavery, England would send criminals from their prisons here to serve a period of indentured servitude. England sent all incorrigible people to her colonies. Historians estimate that more than half of all white immigrants to the colonies during the 17th and 18th centuries came as indentured servants. They were not all convicts though. And, of course, there were the African Slaves.

They were killing Natives for centuries. And then the Revolutionary War, the War of 1812, massive expansion and Indian genocide and expulsion, Mexican war, Civil war, Civil War clean up kept the corporations busy for a while so they didn't need a war until Bloody Teddy and the Spanish American War, a small calm ensued until Carnegie, Rockerfeller, and Morgan (read: Rothschild) could conjure up the war to end all wars...ha...WW1, the World's map was redrawn by the same elite's technocrats in a way that ensured perpetual war and strive (whether intentional or not) which in turn fostered WWII, then the Korean War, the Cold War begins, Vietnam, Cold War ramps up, hot spots continue to be 'stomped out', Gulf War, Cold War ends, Iraq sanctions continue with occasional bombs, Serbia/Bosnia, the Neo-cons conjure up the perpetual war to alleviate the lulls between wars, War on Terror begins, Afghanistan War begins, Iraqi Freedom...ha...begins, carpet bombing the Globe begins, Libya begins, and the front lines now expand so far that East meets West and North meets South. Syria! You're next!

And that is that.