Comment: efforts in chad to secure..mali?

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efforts in chad to secure..mali?

they are going to have to FLY stuff in since chad only has about 340 miles of paved
(not well maintained) road..

with a population of 11 million (state of ohio) spread over 496,000 sq miles (11 times the size of ohio)

that is 80% rural/agrarian and 06-10% nomadic..

in a country that only provides grid power to 1.5% of the nation..

where ⅔'s of the people are illiterate and half the population is under the age of 15,
with a life expectancy of 48 years (only 4% can expect to see 55)

did i mention 4% of the population has aids?

poor little mali don't fare much better:
2700 miles of paved roads
population 15 million
480,000 sq miles
80% rural and 10% nomads
3% power grid accessibility
half population under 18
74% illiterate
life expectancy to 51 years
aids between 2-5%

emergency? paw-leeze.