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Ohhhhhhh ((((((((((((Nonna))))))))))). The left corner of my eye, as it was healing, I noticed a big purple lump that was painful, it's near the skullbone and deep under the stitches.. like it was stiched inside and has no way to break. It constantly hurts. I'm sure it's a fiberglass shard that was stimulated by the surgery. My guess is that the surgeon is going to schedule me an appointment to remove it.. I don't think he can lance it... but I'm not a surgeon, so I don't know what he can do, only know he should do something.. I hope he does something! 3 1/2 hour drive to the doctor.. and what's the hardest.. is that my dear beloved friend's funeral is today. I was asked to sing Ave Maria at his funeral and I can not... deep sigh.

Seven hours of driving for what will probably be a 1/2 hour wait and then 5 minute meeting with the surgeon... life is crazy