Comment: This got me in trouble in kindergarten

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This got me in trouble in kindergarten

I started school 1969 (at age 4) and evidently wasn't 'trained' well enough yet to take blind orders without a logic behind them. (still don't!) During the first week, we had a 'duck and cover' drill. The teacher explained what to do and everyone else got under their desks. Apparently (I don't remember the event but I've been told), I stayed standing and asked what good that would do. The teacher went back and forth with me a little trying to placate me into complying but I supposedly asked her if she would jump off a bridge if someone told her too. (very common question in our house) She got mad and sent me to the principle's office. When my parents arrived, I had already received a spanking for being disrespectful (parochial school) and he had to explain how his flawed logic came off to a 4 year old. My dad wasn't too happy.

Things were always different for me in school. :P