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Comment: Let me just say this...

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Let me just say this...

for years these public servants (aka "cops") have been "just doing their job" which was committing crimes on a daily basis for banksters. Crimes of assault, battery, human trafficking, racketeering etc etc... Cops if you're listening... that's what you do when you are "just doing your job" - these are FACTS so don't ask an "Attorney" about them - GO LOOK THEM UP!

No person shall be held for a capitol or infamous crime unless on indictment or presentment of a grand jury [of peers]

YOU TOOK AN OATH TO THAT... how many people have you ARRESTED without a GRAND JURY INDICTMENT/PRESENTMENT let alone even a warrant signed by a judge?

That realization creates guilt. Many of these cops have killed people enforcing UNLAWFUL statutory regulations on them. For the same reason people coming back from the wars are committing suicide - these unlawful... previously unwitting peace officers are going to be feeling somewhat responsible.

They have created a lot of problems through their ignorance. They are of course the "tip of the spear" for the banksters/PTB.