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Comment: Nope not unconstitutional at all.

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Nope not unconstitutional at all.

The Dealers contract with GovCorp to follow their rules. You contract with the Dealer when you walk in to sell your gold. You are free to either sell it or not depending on the conditions.

People in this liberty movement frequently tend to overlook the "unlimited right to contract" clause as well as do not seem to have an adequate understanding of contract law to realize how they are consenting to these "unconstitutional" things which makes that consent - constitutional.

FDR was quoted once as saying "We have to be very careful how we do this - or we could be charged with treason."

After 1933 the FED gov CORP got heavily involved with the individual on a contractual basis. They contract with you the moment you open your eyes in this new world. The best thing you could do for a newborn baby is to have him/her born with a midwife (somewhere still "legal" to do so) and have NO "birth certificate" only a family bible entry of the new born baby.