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Not a Family Site

Its not. Some users on here like the Country Club style of having everyone in agreement and no one loosing their cool for arguing their point. I say Bullshit. Some of us Crave Liberty more than others. Those who do are blunt. Grow Up. Read the news too. Shits happening Family site? No Don't play that card with me either. Revolution is brewing Nationwide especially n New York. Those who wont fight will come on here and bitch and moan about how much they know and how right they are in Their Country Club everyone's happy and everyone knows everyone little paradigm.

Fuck Off

I'm a Individual.

Were getting sick of it. Sick your this groups shit and sick of the establishments shit. Those who call someone a murderer will not fight or help you. Nor will I ever come to help you.

And every time someone says something that "seems offensive" "off color" or goes against the what has been accepted is always ridiculed or in this case voted down. Don't worry we only needed three percent to start this country and that is all will need again.

Playing the Racism card is always much easier than arguing with someone with cognitive responses formed with logic and reason.

You can go Fuck yourselves.

"Freedom is Popular"