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I agree it is MY responsibilty to educate myself

If this was about, and I called myself a messenger, I would take this opportunity to educate my audience/supporters.

But this is not about, it is about, and as someone who LOVES Ron Paul, and his weekly messages, and seeing him on YouTubes.. I would like to see/hear his side of this, not a third party opinion.

I have never made a post saying RON PAUL IS WRONG or RON PAUL IS A HYPOCRITE, or anything to slander or hurt Ron Paul. I am saying IT WOULD BE GREAT FOR RON PAUL TO SAY SOMETHING so I am not assuming, "because he is famous, he is deserving".

As for "betraying MY principles using FRNs".. you are now attacking me. And what bothers me about this change of subject on your part is that it means you have nothing to support Ron Paul here but your feelings of LOVE. I think your feeling of LOVE for Ron Paul is beautiful, and I do not want to deminish that.

Is Ron Paul betraying his principles by using FRNs?
This isn't about me. Why go there?