Comment: Grading your paper, I give you a C-

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Grading your paper, I give you a C-

Whenever I hear this statement I can't help to think how disheartening it sounds. Why do truthers etc. (superfluous use of "etc." without at least two other items) use this line when it is clearly wrong? It is by far to broad of statement. Please help me answer some of these following questions.

1. Math- 2+2=4 many complicated maths math problems can be tested and proven. Perhaps the methods of problem solving for the public are intentionally limited? But it still doesn't make it a lie. Pleas Please give evidence to that suggest tampering of math.

2. Science- physical science and physics- once again we have a lot of empirical data to support these fields. Now, to a certain degree Einsteins theory Einstein's theories of relativity, quantum mechanics, and other advanced theories lack any real empirical evidence. Could it be that some of these theories are designed to mislead the true nature of the universe?
please Please explain.

Climate change science has been found to be manipulated, so there are fields in science in which information is altered. But the basic understanding of the systems of our world seems to be truthful. What do you think?

3. History- Now this seems to be where the most deception is located. We know that history classes omit all the information of back door deals and banker investments(on both sides of wars etc.), false-flags, the and other things that go on behind the scenes. But I seem to find more omissions than actual rewrites. Please explain.

If you have any information in these fields of massive omisions or false information other than history and/or economics, please let me know. Please also let me know if Psychology field is one big lie or Philosophy the fields of Psychology and/or Philosophy are one big lie. Thanks.

How do you know you aren't learning something that is intentionally wrong? Some people would just give up that way. To say that everything you learned in school was a lie is actually self-defeatist defeating.

In grading your effort, I concentrated on grammar and sentence structure. There is also some improvement needed in composition in order to better make your point, but we'll save that for the next lesson.

Seriously though, you do make a point. Using absolute statements to describe complex issues is rarely productive.