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These low populated areas with the statistics you provide

are perhaps the perfect locations to carry out strategic clandestine operations for worldwide corrupt acts, including a hub for trafficking narcotics, a refueling location for narco-military transport planes bringing opium from Afghanistan and processing before delivery to Detroit and all the other inner city populations we have turned into addiction centers to feed the prison industrial complex, interrogation and detention facilities, for housing cash and gold for ready liquidity in the Africa region, and on and on. Simply there is no local population or infrastructure to keep an eye on or police anything. Our CIA, etc. can run amok doing what ever they want with no one keeping tabs on them. Kind of similar to Mena, Arkansas when Clinton was Governor and the whole cocaine trafficking operation was going on. Just speculating, but with Haliburton, KBR and the other contractors that the military industrial complex uses, entire shadow areas could be built and operating off-grid, sustainable, and virtually undetectable or known to the outside.