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As someone who was a grassroots activist for decades, and have newspaper articles, mentions in books, and tons of experience in rallying, protesting, petitioning, writing resolutions, ,and attending hearings, some which I won, that was not what I wanted or saw as a win, but what was claimed as a win, it is a big difference between that, which an organization like the GOP has built like a machine, which I didn't know until I got in (and no wonder why they win (same for Democratic Party), and I'm having to petition for MYSELF, and raise funds for MYSELF, and get elelected MYSELF.. I find there is a huge difference between being an activist for a message, cause, or another person, than for being the messager with causes for "MYSELF", even when, and if, others support ME.

I never had to sign a loyalty oath as an activist. I have far more on the line now than I ever did.

YOU tell me to refrain fro employing the condition YOU, unless refering to Democrats and Neocons, and your next sentence begins with you refering to me a, "You".

Knowing how the political machine operates.. three elections as a Nader team leader fighting to open ballot and debates to third parties and Indy's... we lost every law suit. I don't see how anyone can beat that system. Nader has sued near every department of the government, is an outstanding attorney, knows government better than most. If he can't win, with 36 third parties backing him, how can someone based on ONE speach?

Wonderful things are happening (((((PAF))))) Two years ago I was the lone granger on my committee. Now we have three Ron Paul rEVOLutionairies, and another soon to be seated, giving us the majority vote.