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I agree with tamckissick

Where is the other "police officer" involved in the prank, if it truly was a prank? The only people there in his defense are friends and family who want him to keep his job. If it was a prank between two officers, his police "boy" would be in his corner, but you don't see that! Besides, they don't even have any evidence. The guy he pulled over was let go, so no tickets are involved so if his cop buddy doesn't show up in his defense (unless another blatantly lies to protect him, which is pretty risky in this case since they're talking about termination), they don't even have the name of the guy he pulled over since they let him off. Unless they do a audit of his searches.

Not only that, everything about the video doesn't say "prank". The way he approaches the car cautiously as if he doesn't know the person. How he tells him to stay in the car and not got his ID until he's gone (signs of a paranoid cop), the level of fury he has and peels out at. No laughter is ever heard...nothing is said to make anyone think otherwise. Hollywoods actors can't even act that mad...that is pure rage.

And to PattyFromTexas, yeah, the cops know their dash cam is filming, but when had that ever stopped a police officer from doing bad things? That's why there's so many of these videos. Are you saying all of them are a prank because they know the dash cam is filming?

This guy is just looking for a way out. Lucky for him, there isn't any documentation on the guy he pulled over unless he comes forth, but something tells me that guy isn't a YouTube guy.