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I'm not taking any side

I'm saying that because Ron Paul has clamed HE IS A MESSANGER, that I'm not getting his message concerning from HIM.

I'm all for a free market and capitalism, so I have no beef with anyone making a profit, and I highly doubt they did not send him money for his campaign. They did not slander him. They could have used that site to hurt him as others in his past who wrote articles that were racist did. He protected those writers who write in his name. I guess they were FAMOUS and LOVED and WORTHY, unlike these Ron Paul supporters?

There are namy people named Ron Paul.

Anyways.. I find the excuses are not satisfactory when it comes to answering to those who HATE Ron Paul.. "So what about this thing, Granger" What say you?

Well, I say nothing.. I have no informatiuon, I have no defense, I only have LOVE LOVE LOVE for Ron Paul, who is famous and deserving and FAR more WORTHY than any fan who made a blog with his name, promoted him with integrity and probably never gave Ron Paul a dime, because really.. they were NEVER Ron Paul fans at all.. they were theives from the beginning and even though they never said anything bad about him, and their site wasn't so busy,, they are NOTHING. Ron Paul is FAMOUS so he is deserving. THEY ARE NOTHINGS and WORTHLESS. SIX years later, when it's conveinent to Ron Paul who is far more WORTHY than any supporter.. they should GIVE Ron Paul THEIR site, give up ownership, NO REWARD, but rather expect NOTHING, because THE ARE WORTHLESS NOTHINGS and Ron Paul is famous and wonderful and smart and everybody LOVES him. No one LOVES WORTHLESS Ron Paul supporters.