Comment: The victim was assaulted (again)

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The victim was assaulted (again)

From Terry Ingrams book: Police State, Ten Secrets Police Don't Want You To Know! (How To Handle Police Encounters!)

Secret Number One

1: A Police Officer’s “Peace” cannot be disturbed!

It is a fact, which cannot be disputed. A Police Officer’s Peace cannot be disturbed. This is called an axiom of law and a matter of stare decisis, in legal circles. The laws for “Disturbing the Peace” simply do not contemplate a “Police Officer” as a “person” defined under those laws. Technically speaking, you could walk up to a Police Officer, load up on vituperative, venomous, expletive, epithets, unload them flat in his face, and, considering no other person was within ear shot except another Police Officer, then there’s not a damn thing he could “lawfully” do about it. However, I would not advise this. If you do, don’t forget to get it on camera though, just in case he really gets mad.