Comment: "Last week, retired Congressman Ron Paul spoke out against

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"Last week, retired Congressman Ron Paul spoke out against

the threat of the U.S. being pulled into a new conflict in Mali, pointing also to current covert actions we are undergoing in Syria and Iran. Former Congressman Paul asked the question on why the President refused to answer media queries on our potential role in Mali, and on whether we are acting as co-combatant in a conflict that to this point, has little or no strategic value to U.S. national interests.

While the decades long wars in Iraq and Afghanistan may be winding down, it appears that the Nobel Peace Prize winning President is moving the wave of American forces from the Middle East into the African continent. And with today's disclosure of $50 million to go in military support to France and Chad in their struggle against insurgents in the nation of Mali, it does not appear that our time dedicating American resources to foreign conflicts is ending anytime soon."