Comment: Nonsense. Ron Paul IS

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Nonsense. Ron Paul IS

Nonsense. Ron Paul IS appealing to WIPO, which is a UN Agency.

You DO NOT have the option of voluntarily agreeing to ICANN policies when you purchase a domain. It's mandatory. You cannot purchase a domain name without checking the "I Agree to Five Million Policies" consent box, which includes ICANN. It would be different if you could purchase a domain and were given two options: one, I Agree to Policies, two: Click Here to checkout without agreeing. You don't have that option. Don't pretend like it's voluntary.

The bottom line is this: Ron Paul has every right to use corporatist lawyers and appeal to international government bodies to seize property that his supporters purchased on the free market five years ago to support his campaign. But let's stop acting like Ron Paul is the Lord and Savior. Clearly, he's a politician.

In fact, his case references Hillary Clinton's case to wrestle away her domain without payment to the owner.

This gives new meaning to "Eminent Domain." I thought Ron Paul was against that.

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