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What about the DP?

I've read most of the related post here on the DP about Ron Paul vs Ron as well as read about the dispute on other forum sites that jump for glee at the chance to belittle his name. I’m pretty sure that is not the case with Ron or other Ron Paul liberty loving web sites which started for the sole reason to spread the message of Ron Paul. After all, it is not about Ron Paul but the message – Right?

I believe without the Ron Paul grassroots Ron Paul would not have been given a second look during the 2008 and the 2012 presidential campaigns.

Time after time I have changed my views about a stand/subject Ron Paul took on one issue or another solely because of the grassroots websites and I have come to understand most of the time, after thinking about it more, I will agree with the good doctor and his message.

But I’m having a hard time with this one. Did Ron Paul go to Ron and ask to get the domain name in order for him to have control of the site or did they go to him and ask him to pay? Is he going to continue the disputed sites in order to spread the message by himself? Is he after the money the sites produce or is it only because he does not want to pay big dollars to get control of the sites with his name?

I really don’t understand why this is happening and I’m really confused about why Ron Paul is doing this but I’m pretty sure if Ron Paul himself explained the why – I would probably agree with him.

One last question: Will Ron Paul also go after Michael Nystrom’s Daily Paul? – after all this is the best Ron Paul grassroots site – thanks Michael - it's worth millions.