Comment: Let those you know in the Military

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Let those you know in the Military

Know that ALL of our Representatives, Judges, and Executives (President, Governors, Secretaries, Czars, etc) are AMERICANS too.

Remind our Military that they have done a bang up job of Defending the US Constitution from Foreign Enemies and that We the People need them to step up that Defense from those Enemies who are DOMESTIC.

Let them know that We the People have Suffered the Flip/Flop of the Lesser or Two Evils while they have been Sufferable for too long, and that we need to Right Ourselves from the Tyranny that we have become so accustom to.

Let them know who picks up the Tax Bill along with Voluntary projects like Wounded Warrior, when the Feds order them off to die in Foreign Lands to secure others Resources for the Central Banks and Affiliates to Monopolize trade over. The Feds send our Men and Women overseas to risk their Hearts, Minds, and Bodies, yet are TOO CHEAP to help them when and if they make it back Home.

Let our brave men and women know that when and if the TOP BRASS orders them to fire upon American Citizens that they are Citizens too, and that is the most egregious offense against the Constitution and those who Order it are Traitors of the Highest Order.

Finally, let them know that their Enemy is not the American People, but those who wish to Enslave Americans while they Live and Behave like Kings and Vassals. Let them know that we are willing to Support and Defend them while they do the same for the Constitution!